Youth Dreamers Foundation (YDF) intends to realize an \”equal opportunity\” approach in accessing higher education so as to make higher education more inclusive, accessible and affordable for marginalized sections of the society. Higher education enables upward social and economic mobility but the out-of-pocket expenditure even for a basic higher education is very high for most of the students. Thus, out of 100 such disadvantaged students, only 7 of them manage to get into higher education and fewer even manage to complete it. We support such students to pursue higher education by helping them avail financial aid from numerous public and private scholarship schemes, usually to which they were unable to apply for various reasons. YDF was registered as a not-for-profit organization in the year 2015 after successful completion of a pre-pilot of Scholarship Cell concept in Kheda, Gujarat under Asian Paints Family Trust (Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal). Under YDF\’s banner, we started our first Scholarship Support Program in Dec 2016 and are currently operating it in Patna, Bihar and Delhi-NCR. Through our interventions, 2500+ students have received scholarship grants worth Rs 90 Lacs so far. We plan to convert our efforts and interventions into processes & also automate our back-end operations by leveraging technology. Through this, we want to improve our ratio of the cost incurred to help students to the amount of scholarship grants won to 1:5.

We have also partnered with Govt. of Maharashtra as a knowledge and implementing partner to implement “Higher Education Access Support Program” in tribal areas of Nashik district.

Here’s the update of the what we are doing.

My Scholar Program (2016-17): YDF as an independent organization and started this first project in partnership with Sattva Media and Consultancy Pvt Ltd and HCL company. We were able to reach out to 500+ students out of which 25 students received scholarship grants worth Rs14.75Lacs.

Location: Delhi, Noida.

My Scholar Program (2017-18): YDF reached out to almost 1500 students in areas near HCL campuses in Delhi-NCR, Madurai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Around 155 students won scholarship grants worth Rs 29.38 Lacs. In Lucknow, 42 students from 3 different government schools received scholarships worth Rs 1.59 Lacs.

Location: Lucknow, Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Noida

Scholarship Support Program – Bihar (2017-18): We started this project in partnership with Nalanda Charitable Foundation with 5400 urban financially poor students from govt. schools of Patna who are in 10th class and above till post-graduation. 250+ students won scholarships worthRs14Lacs.

Location: Patna, Bihar

My Scholar Program (2018-19): Currently implementing and are developing processes for the CSRs’ to help them start new effective Scholarship Schemes.

Location: Lucknow, Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Noida

Scholarship Support Program – Bihar (2018-19): Currently implementing it and are in the process of developing ‘Virtual Scholarship Cell Model’ for the state of Bihar and are also leveraging Tech for it.

Location: Patna, Bihar

Scholarship Support Program – New Delhi (2018-19): Currently implementing  the project and in the process approx. 164 applicants from more than 40 premier institutes (like IITs, NIITs & DU) applied for 8 prestigious scholarships schemes projects partnership with Tata Trent company.

Location: New Delhi

Higher Education Access Support Program (2018-19): 5280 Tribal students of govt. schools from 10th – 12th class from remote parts of the Nashik district. We have adopted a 3-fold approach – 21st Century Skills, Career Guidance and Scholarship Awareness Support to enable students to transition to colleges. Tribal Development Department is also funding the overall project for 3 years. 

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra