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Youth Dreamers Foundation (YDF) was born with the belief that every child and youth have rights to equal education, skills, and development, irrespective of class, caste, religion, color, economic condition, etc. Established in 2015, YDF is an independent not-for-profit NGO formed under section 8 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013.

Started by a group of motivated, well-educated, and experienced enthusiasts, YDF thrives to strengthen the upcoming generation with easy access to quality education through proper guidance and financial aid leading towards their life ambition.

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Success Stories

Prashant Tripathi

None of us know when time will change its course, but eventually change is the only thing that’s constant. This is what exactly happened to Prashant Tripathi, First year Mechanical Engineering student of National Institute of Technology, Patna.

Prashant says, “It was a touching moment for me when I got to know that I had got admission in NIT, Patna. Though my mother was a little troubled about expenses and my shift from Gorakhpur to Patna. But my father was very proud and assured that it will all be managed easily. And things too happened as we planned.” “But then, you cannot control life. One unfortunate day, my father got paralyzed and even after months long treatment we couldn’t save him”.

This incident turned Prashant’s world upside down. All the savings of his family was spent on his father’s treatment. Family was constantly juggling to manage domestic expenses and Prashant’s personal and educational expenses. He eventually came on the verge of dropping engineering in between.

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Piyush Kumar

Piyush is a second year mechanical engineering student at NIT Patna. He belongs to a poor household in Bihar and his family has been struggling because of his brother’s treatment for depression and high cost of studies for him.

He narrates his story: ‘I always wanted to become an engineer but didn't want to add on the expenses of coaching classes to family economy, so I preferred to do self-study or seek guidance from elders.’

This dedication of mine towards education paid me off and I qualified the JEE entrance exams and got listed for NIT. But our financial condition didn't allow paying for the expenses entailed with it.

A session with YDF encouraged me to give a try a chance at getting a scholarship. For detailed information, I visited the YDF office and their team explained the process and guidelines of scholarship schemes and assistance that they provide. Their team helped me in applying for FFE scholarship. After completion of selection and verification, I was granted a scholarship which I can avail till the completion of my course.

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Deepak Singh

Someone rightly said, Fortune favors the brave. It’s been truly epitomized by Deepak Kumar Bisht, a student of B.sc in Mathematics from University of Delhi.

Deepak belongs to a lower middle class family. His father runs a shop to fulfil the needs of the family. But half of Deepak’s father's income gets consumed in paying for rents and commodities of the shop to keep it functional. He is already in debt and is unable to pay for Deepak’s education.

Deepak says, “I knew from the very beginning that my father will not be able to pay for my expenses. Thus, I started giving tuitions to kids to save some money for my education. Money I earned from tuitions was used to pay for my admission in college. But the question was still constant in my life, that how I will manage future expenses. I tried to get more tuitions to have more income but it started affecting my studies”.‘But as we all know, where there is a will, there is a way. I got to know about the Youth Dreamers Foundation from one of my professors in college. I surfed their website and filled in their registration form. I got a very quick response from their side. After a brief conversation regarding my education and family background, I was suggested by them to apply for a MAGMA scholarship.’

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