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scholarship-Aditi Dattatraya Pawar

Aditi Dattatraya Pawar

  • Scholarship 10,000
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Degree College

For two years, Aditi has walked three kilometres to her college from her home and then back every day because this is the only way she could continue her studies. A resident of Krushangaon village in Dindori, she lost her father in an accident about 12 years ago. Her mother started taking care of the family of three by working on the farm and also doing the household work.

However, eight years ago, Aditi’s mother lost mobility in both her legs and became dependent on her two children. This meant that the responsibility of earning the bread and daily household chores came on the shoulders of Aditi and her brother. They also had to spend Rs 5 Lakh on their mother’s operation but in vain.

Today, her brother works on the farm and earns money for the family while Aditi takes care of all the household work along with her studies. They have borrowed money from relatives and neighbours for operation and other expenses, and struggle to pay everyone back.

Aditi, a third-year student, has not paid her college fee for last one year and she also could not apply for a job in the bank because she could not afford to buy the form. Her only dream is to find a suitable job soon and support her family. With the scholarship amount, she plans to pay her pending college fee and keep aside some amount to pay for the job application form in future.