“Unfolding Dreams into Reality”
  • Pratibha Madhukar Bombale

Every Child Must Have An Equal Opportunity To Gain Knowledge And Skills Regardless Of Its Socio-economic Condition.

scholarship-Pratibha Madhukar Bombale

Pratibha Madhukar Bombale

  • Scholarship 10,000
  • Master of Commerce
  • Degree College

Pratibha was in seventh standard when she first realized that her hearing ability was reducing with every passing day. By the time she reached college, her hearing had reached a negligible level. There was only one solution; a surgery that would cost her Rs 35,000. But Pratibha’s family could not afford so much money.

Both her father and mother work at a local farm

earning a meagre daily wage of Rs 150 each. Her family of five, including her two brothers who are also pursuing their studies, lives at the farm where her parents work. It was her college teacher and classmates who collected money and raised enough funds for Pratibha’s surgery. Today, she can properly hear from one ear and needs more money to be able to pay for another surgery.

However, all these struggles at a young age could not deter her from aspiring big in life. She is pursuing her M. Com 2nd Year from a local college in Dindori, Maharashtra and is also preparing for the Maharashtra Public Service Commission examination. It is Pratibha’s dream to become an officer one day.

What does the PRI scholarship amount mean to her? In her own words, with this money “Pratibha can pay for better books, help her brothers with their studies, support her parents in managing small household expenses, and also pay back a small amount to those who helped her with her surgery”.

For her, the scholarship is not just a helping hand that will guide her in achieving her dreams, but also a life-altering support system that will impact her entire family and take away the burden of her parents who toil away all day to see their children grow in life.