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scholarship-Vanhalli Supriya Chanvir

Vanhalli Supriya Chanvir

  • Scholarship 2,30,000
  • Master of Data Science
  • Exceptional

Supriya Vanahalli has always been a bright student who scored good marks in school and helped other students in her class. After school, she managed to get admission in Mumbai University’s Sathaye College where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in statistics.

While studying in college, she also interned with various companies and got hands-on training. Supriya had made up her mind about what she wanted to become in life and started preparing to get admission in Data Science courses in post-graduation.

Through her hard work and determination, she managed to secure admission at Christ University in the course of her choice. However, when she got to know about the hefty fee of Rs 2 Lakhs per year, she decided to drop out and work for two years to save enough money.

This is because Surpriya’s father works as a chauffeur at ITC Maratha and earns a humble salary of Rs 15,000 a month. Along with her mother’s part-time work as a nanny, the family manages to scrape together not more than Rs 20,000. It meant that to take admission in Christ University, her father would have had to take a loan which would take years for them to pay back. However, her mother prodded her to not lose the opportunity that she had in her hands.

On the other hand, her father got to know about YDF from someone and asked Supriya to apply for a scholarship. Today, she has been able to take admission in the course of her reckoning at a prestigious college because of the support she received from PRI.