“Unfolding Dreams into Reality”
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  • Higher Education Access suport program

Every Child Must Have An Equal Opportunity To Gain Knowledge And Skills Regardless Of Its Socio-economic Condition.


    Nashik & Raigadh, Maharashtra

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Program Objective

To improve equity and access to higher education of socio-economic weaker sections through Scholarship,Career Guidance and Life Skills Support

Nature of interventions

Career Guidance, Scholarship and Life Skills Support

Geographical Area

The project will be implemented throughout two PO regions of Tribal Development Department:

  • Pen
  • Karjat
  • Target Population

    The targeted beneficiaries of the project include students of 12th (Life Skills, Career Counselling and Scholarship Support) and 10th standard (only Career Counselling - Aptitude test) in 12 ashramshalas under Penn PO region, along with their hostels.

    Project Components & Activities:

    The Project intends to ensure mitigation of all the factors which prevents a child from attaining higher education. It’s 3-fold integrated approach encourages students to overcome administrative, personal, academic and societal barriers.

    YDF aims to achieve it by leveraging its partnership with Government of Maharashtra and Tribal Department. It’s three level engagement system to counter financial constraints, lack of proper guidance, and lack of motivation & aspiration.

    1. Life Skills Engagement (for 12th grade)

    To improve motivation of the students and empower them to cope with the academic pressure, social stigma, casteism, degradation and to build a learning community while pursuing higher education. And, an exposure program for the students to raise their aspiration levels and worldview

    Purpose: To improve motivation and aspiration levels of the students

    1.Career Counselling Engagement (for both 12th & 10th grade)

    To help students identify courses of choice from various streams including performing arts, sciences, social sciences etc. through a career assessment test. The support team will engage students at the beginning of the academic year followed by nurturing throughout the year

    Purpose: To enable students to make an informed career choice

    3.Scholarship Awareness Engagement (for 12th grade)

    To reduce this gap and financial barriers for the eligible students, we provide end-to-end scholarship awareness support, where we advise students/youth on how to seek out and apply for scholarships, highlight the best ways to boost their chances of receiving a scholarship

    Purpose: To remove financial hurdles for the students