“Unfolding Dreams into Reality”

Every Child Must Have An Equal Opportunity To Gain Knowledge And Skills Regardless Of Its Socio-economic Condition.

  • 10,000
    Aditi Dattatraya Pawar

    Bachelor of Commerce

    For two years, Aditi has walked three kilometres to her college from her home and then back every day because this is the only way she could continue her studies.

  • 10,000
    Nikam Akash Mukund

    Diploma in Electrical Engineering

    For Akash and his family, his father’s smoking addiction led to a catastrophic situation which forced them to sell their one-acre family land and put the entire financial burden on his mother’s shoulder

  • 10,000
    Pagar Gauri Dilip

    Bachelor of Commerce

    Gauri lives with her 80-year-old grandfather in Awankhed village of Dindori. While her mother was still pregnant, Gauri’s father left them on their own and has never returned since then.

  • 35,000
    Pagare Himesh Pandit


    “It is only me who understands what I am going through. Nobody else can feel what I am feeling,” says 19-year-old Himesh, who lost both his father and mother at a young age and was forced to fend for himself at a very young age.

  • 10,000
    Pankaj pundlik kuwar

    Bachelor of Commerce

    Two years ago Pankaj Pundlik’s father accepted defeat and asked one of his two sons to give up their studies and support the family by working as a farm labourer and earning money. Both his parents have been working as farm labourers for years and manage to earn Rs 150-200 each in a day.

  • 10,000
    Pooja Dinkar Ghadwaje

    Bachelor of science

    Ever since she took admission in college, Pooja’s family was hell-bent on getting her married. Her father, an alcoholic, had already given up on her education and was adamant that she be married after completing her schooling.

  • 10,000
    Pratibha Madhukar Bombale

    Master of commerce

    Pratibha was in seventh standard when she first realized that her hearing ability was reducing with every passing day. By the time she reached college, her hearing had reached a negligible level. There was only one solution; a surgery that would cost her Rs 35,000. But Pratibha’s family could not afford so much money.

  • 10,000
    Pande Ravindra Subhash

    Diploma in Education

    Ravindra and his father live in a small house in Karanjwan Village of Dindori. They belong to Gurav caste that, according to tradition, distribute flowers to people during religious fares and receive food grains in return.

  • 2,30,000
    Vanhalli Supriya Chanvir

    Master of Data Science

    Supriya Vanahalli has always been a bright student who scored good marks in school and helped other students in her class.